Your first step in college: Everything you need to know

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Every kid wants to grow up as fast as time can permit. When we write with pencils, we want to start writing with pens. When we are in high school, we want to be in college.

Bollywood has defined college as the coolest place on earth where boys skateboard and girls dance in short skirts. Let me tell you, none of that is true.

When the college life begins, a lot of things change.

You don’t have to wear uniforms anymore. Hairstyles go crazier and in a way, your world changes.


So, here are somethings that will help you adapt to this new world and along with that prevent you from making mistakes you will later regret (which you will make anyway) :


  1. Hostel life is a weird phase of life. In the first year, you will be homesick. You will miss your family and food but try to interact and socialize with people, especially your roommates. If you have good roommates, staying away from family becomes a lot easier and soon enough, you will get a new family in them


  1. Believe me when I say seniors aren’t the real bullies. You may have heard ragging stories but all of them aren’t true. In fact, seniors help you in many ways, especially with studies. The real bullies that you will face will be your classmates. Don’t let people or words have an effect on you. A lot of things will be said and done, don’t give them your attention as long as it is absolutely necessary. Whenever you feel low, talk to people who listen and understand.


  1. One of the biggest challenges you face in college is making real friends. Everyone you meet has a mask, a fake face. Having good friends can uplift you while having a wrong company can bring you down. Choose your friends very wisely.



  1. Don’t disclose your life to everybody. Some people try and show compassion so they can get something to gossip. Talk to people who understand you and give you helpful solutions instead of sympathy.

  1. The most important part of college life is social interaction. And by this I don’t mean having followers on Facebook and Instagram. Learn to talk to people in real life. Don’t build walls around you just because you have been betrayed once. Don’t shut yourself when you make a mistake because those are the lesson you will need the most.


  1. Grades do matter. No matter how much someone tells you they don’t, they do. Don’t study the entire day but study at least 3 hours a day and give it your all.


  1. Don’t miss classes if you can attend them. Bunking class is fun once in a while but don’t make it a habit. Attendance becomes a major issue in the end.


  1. Most importantly, learn to be happy despite odds. Depression brings you down faster than drugs. don’t focus on what people will think, focus on what makes you happy.


In the end, I would just say, don’t do anything in the spur of the moment. These are the decisions we will always regret. Always think about what you are gonna do and how much it will affect you.  Its okay to be spontaneous but do things you will laugh about later not cry.

All the very best.


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